Hi. I'm not a lonely guy; I like to be by myself most of the time. Well, but I have to confess that it is also because I fear people's judgment. Yes, I figured it out these last years. This fear comes from my childhood (of course), and I know, but I won't be clear about it here. So I can say I have kind of a wall around me that keeps people away. It could look safe for an afraid boy, but now it's just limiting my social skills, to say the least.
Enter Lonecat. He is a lonely cat who loves his own company, but is very open to people and is very good at making friends, so he can help me be more open. Also, some people can learn how good it is to be by yourself sometimes because it's great to have a good time with friends and by yourself too.
So meet Lonecat, and I hope you'll be friend of him.
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